Social media are the online platforms, in which people connect with others and share information, posts etc. Social media is creating a heavy storm across the world and a day without social media is an impossible one for most of us. And via so many ways one can generate revenue, and boost up their business and brand. 

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing or SMM is the use of social media platforms(Facebook, Instagram, X..) for building networks, sharing information to build a business, or company brand, and increasing  revenue and sales. Through SMM they can increase the web traffic, and connect with the existing customers and to the new ones. Also, users can do the data analytics of their work, and effort and also improve the tactics and other ways to engage. Also if there is regular maintenance, SMM can give great exposure to the brand building.  


Let’s look into the advantages of SMM

Customer Satisfaction

  • Through SMM, one can reach their target audience easily. For every business happy customers are much needed, the on-time answering of their queries, and the maintaining of customer relationships, all can give a boost in branding and the trust of customers.
  • The likes, comments, and recommendations on social media can help you to evaluate your customers’ needs.

Cost Effective 

  • Marketing on social media is very cost-effective if you are doing it wisely. 
  • Creating an account on social media is not a big deal, and implementing marketing strategies to X is quite easy, but on Facebook and Instagram, there want pre-planning to move forward. Knowing the trend, the needs are necessary for the implementation, and there is a cost for doing advertisements on Facebook and Instagram, but you can get the returns within a few days which will be much more than the spend. 

Performance Evaluation 

  • Social media like Facebook, and Instagram have the option for analyzing the growth of the company, the sales, and response. Will get the report of how many new customers joined with you and about the existing customers.
  •  If you are doing a Social Media Advertising Campaign, you can analyze its stats such as impressions, clicks and conversions.

Monitoring Competitors

  • In the advertising tools of Facebook and Instagram, you can research your competitors and study their strategies.
  • If your competitors follow a particular strategy, you can adopt them and implement them in your business. At the same time, you want to modify them, which helps your business to become unique. By Implementing new strategies by yourself, the customers can easily notify you and engage with you.

Brand Awareness

  • By creating a social media profile, you can increase brand awareness and click-through rates.  
  • When your business reach becomes wider, the chance of getting exposure also becomes high. Nowadays hotels are following social media marketing to reach more people of different categories. Vlogging also plays an important part.


Let’s look into the disadvantage of SMM

Time Consuming

  • As said earlier, social media marketing is cost-effective, but at the same time, it can consume a lot of your time sitting on the internet. 
  • If your content wants to be on the top, you want to do the work correctly and analyze a lot of data, thousands of results will be there that want to be sorted out. If you want to be consistent, constantly update fresh content and research, which is time-consuming and a significant problem.


  • Social media platforms are a fort of fake information and it can spread easily.
  • There are a lot of inaccurate posts that revolve around social media and people often share it without checking its credibility. One can easily spread false rumors about your company which can quickly spread. This can prevent current and future leads from you.

Customer Feedback

  • You get both positive and negative feedback from customers. And it can’t hide from other customers. There is a chance of evaluating your business based on this feedback, which can affect your marketing strategy. 

No Immediate Result 

  • Every company that invests in social media marketing campaigns, wants to know the result immediately. Whether their strategies are working well or they want to improve like that.
  • In SMM situations are different, you cannot predict the success with one post or content. You want to upload content constantly, and the sum of all the content will give you the right result. So while running social media marketing campaigns you need patience to get  perfect and accurate results. 

Security Risk

  • Technology is growing day by day around the world, including cyber hackers and data stealers.
  • There is security encryption that is provided by developers of social platforms which keeps user information safe, but there is still the chance of hacking. These things can happen not only for your social media but also for your company website. This disadvantage happens rarely, this can put your company’s reputation at stake. 


Advantages and disadvantages are common in every element in the world, social media marketing can sometimes give you success or can break your company. We can’t gain anything without risk, so study properly about SMM, and strategies and do magic. Digital Marketing Strategist In Calicut, Kerala.

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